Parking… Learn how to do it…

So, here’s my first rant posted to the shiny new website high a top the thing.

Are people so inconsiderate these days that there is no sense of parking lot etiquette?  In every state in the union, a basic drivers test must be passed in order to be granted a licence to drive, including South Carolina.  That being said, why oh why can’t people in this cockamamie state park between two white or yellow lines?  Why is this such a difficult concept?

I have two new neighbors who are renting their condos.  Both families have two vehicles.  All condos in my building are allotted two parking spaces.  Two cars, two spaces.  Easy huh?  Apparently not.  At 8:30 this morning, it was necessary to knock on doors of the other units to find the owner of a minivan which had positioned itself directly behind my car, blocking me in.  They moved it after they were asked, but the point is that it shouldn’t have been necessary to ask.

This is but one instance of poor parking lot etiquette that I encounter on a fairly regular basis.  I encounter it downtown quite often where parking is at a premium.  Mostly, those folks get ticked and booted, but it really doesn’t get the point across anymore.  I keep a sticky pad in my car anymore to leave these inconsiderate people a note, grading them on the parking job they did.  The note is always kind and gentle and I leave it in the hopes that the offending driver of poorly parked vehicle will take heed.

So here it is…  if you park like a turkey next to me, you’re getting a note.  I don’t think this too much to ask.  If it is, please take a cab and sell your car because I can’t even imagine what you’re like on the interstate.

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