Jesus, Kim Davis, Some Queer Couples, And A Beautifully Redemptive Dinner Party

john pavlovitz


Jesus broke bread with people. 

For as often as we see him preaching on a hillside or through the city streets, we find him at the table; not just with those who agreed with him, not just with his fans, not just with the well-manicured religious folks, not just with the ragged moral outcasts.

He extended fellowship to all humanity as it crossed his path. He came close and reclined beside people and across from people—and he lived with them. Sometimes he used the occasion to teach, but just as often he was simply present with them, available to them. Through this radically intimate table ministry, Jesus modeled the way that we are to live this life of faith; how we always need to make people our priority, how much relationships really matter, and how true proximity allows us to see what we need to see in people.

I don’t know Kim Davis or her story or her heart, but I’m…

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