FHATT: A place other than Facebook for thoughtful community intreraction.

Hey Denizens!!!  I hope this post finds you well!!!

One of the things that I decided that I was going to do for Lent was to dedicate more time to creating positive and thoughtful content for the internet.  There are a great many people these days that are just tired of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., and desire a place where they can share ideas, thoughts, images, music and videos without having to worry about an onslaught of negativity and beratement.  To that end, I’ve created a new site called The Forum High Atop The Thing or FHATT for short.

FHATT is unlike mainstream social media because it’s a moderated board with some minor posting guidelines.  There are forum threads for games & game discussion, political talk, posting videos and you’ll get to pick your own screen name.  This way, if you choose too, you may remain absolutely anonymous if you choose too.

It’s software platform is a system called phpBB, which is a popular forum software that runs under Linux.  I own the physical server it runs on which means that the server and its contents are all controlled by me, my designated moderators and absolutely no one else.  You can rest assured that the people that I am picking as moderators wreak of integrity and trustworthiness.

As of the posting of this blog entry, there isn’t a great deal of content on the board other than stuff that I’m seeding to kinda ‘prime the pump’ if you will.  The hope is that it will become a neat social media place, pulsing with activity, so we will have an opportunity to present all kinds of trains of thought and existence.  My goal is not to compete with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Reddit.  Rather, I hope to give people an alternative to status quo social media that isn’t limited to a certain number of characters and isn’t infiltrated by advertisement or cookies that track your online activity.  It’ll be an island of sorts; a place where you can go and not get bombarded by mass media, ads, bullies, rudeness and so forth.

As the community and the content grows, new features will be added and new forum threads will bud off.  There will be some private threads that allow VIP members of the community to gather in a private thread to discuss sensitive topics.  Those will be invite only threads and will not be available for view by the general public.  Also, the first 100 people who sign up for access will be designated as “founding members.”  Founding members are invited to set the direction of the board and will have their suggestions for discussion groups entertained first.  Also, they will be designated as “moderator assistants” for the purposes of guiding discussion, thread management and limited moderation duties.  You’ll be able to put this on your resume as a volunteer experience for community board management!

So, I hope you’ll check out The Forum High Atop The Thing.  It’s gonna be a great place to get your voice heard and your opinion out there in a safe environment.

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