Mingling in a Magenta Mobileland


Here ya go John!  😀

to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland

iPhones ring, are you listening?
On the line, snow is missing!
The connection’s alright; Verizon’s a blight,
Mingling in a Magenta Mobile-land

On my screen is the bluebird twitter-logo-final
On old Sprint, she’s been neutered
He’s pinging along, through Trump’s doldrum slog
Mingling in a Magenta Mobile-land

Well on the cloud, we will stream our music.
And play tunes real loud from ole Zac Brown
We’ll listen to Sweet Annie and My Old Man
And you sure can connect in any town!

ATT-Fire-ROHBeleaguered souls, do aspire
To escape, AT&T’s trash fire.
To browse undelayed, unlimited plans glade,
Mingling in a Magenta Mobile-land